My Experience with Fermentation

It all began with a friend sharing a monstrous rubbery disc of bacteria and yeast and convincingly advising that she feed the thing sweetened tea. After her first taste of homebrewed kombucha, Kala couldn’t help but love this stringy floating growth and the resulting live beverage it produced. Fermentation became a love and a game that kept giving the gift of pleasant digestion, crunchy and curious tastes, and endless creativity.

Formally, she holds a BS in nutrition from CSU, Chico and has taught many varieties of fermentation classes in the Chico and Fresno areas. A long time home fermentist, Kala enjoys the art of creating live nutritious foods and has since acquired kombucha SCOBYs, milk kefir grains (MKG), water kefir grains (WKG), many mothers of vinegar, different strains of mesophytic and thermophilic yogurt, seed miso, as well as several types of whole grain sourdough cultures.

Fermentation is very much part of her life.


Sauerkraut / Kimchi
Kvass (beet / fruit)
Fruit-scrap vinegar / Shrubs