We are learning more and more of the deep importance our gut microbes have on our health in terms of digestion, metabolism, mood, sleep, immunity, assimilation of vitamins, and elimination of toxins in the body. Ditch those expensive refrigerated probiotic pill bottles and get more fermentation on your plate by growing your own delicious and healthful live probiotic condiments, pickles, & beverages.

I teach you to apply delicious forgotten practices that kept our ancestors vibrant. There is vast consequence to the health and diversity of our gut microbiota and we are feeling that now after generations of consuming dead convenience foods. My remedy is lacto-fermented foods made by you for you.


Just gather friends to meet in your home on a predetermined date and time.

Bring some note paper and a pen to take notes on the gut microbiome.

Receive hands-on instruction in crafting your own fermented foods.

Take home your very own jar of fermented goodness and complimentary inventive recipes for using your new ferment every day.

Taste a wide array of homemade lacto-fermented products.

I’ll take it from there.


Group size: 4-6

Cost per person: $60

Length of time: 2.5 – 3 hours

Hands-on instruction by a health authority
Hand out materials
Inventive + inspiring recipes
Complimentary sampling of fermented foods
All the materials to craft your own jar of fermented foods
Plenty of time for Q + A
Thorough run-down of ensuring safety during fermentation
Tips for proper culture care (if involved in class offering)

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